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Discussing the benefits of design & business integration while working remotely with Stefanie Knoren

Finding ways to drive creative problem solving and innovation can be challenging, especially when your team is working remotely. But those organisations who are able to embed collaboration, customer co-creation, transparency and trust into their culture and working structures can make it possible. In this interview, we asked Stefanie Knoren, Innovation and Strategy Consultant, to share her input on how to successfully collaborate while working remote and what skills, tools and behaviours enhance innovation and creative thinking in an organisation.

Discussing agile methodologies in healthcare with Kenny Cruden

It’s been a challenging few months for companies trying to adapt to new ways of working under the current COVID-19 pandemic. However, those teams who have already implemented Agile Methodologies may be better equipped to cope with such change. Interestingly, one of the main lines from the  Agile Manifesto is “Responding to change over following a plan” which can be a lesson learned in dealing with the current global crisis especially in companies in the healthcare industry. 

Sebastien Monnet: ‘The future of recruitment is marketing’

New technologies and ways of life are having a deep impact on HR management and especially on recruitment processes.  

Sebastien Monnet, Digital Recruitment Marketing Consultant and member of the Riverflex community, has a clear vision on how companies should

Discussing the future of HR with Robert Williams

HR evolution is one of the main topics when it comes to digital transformation. In this new publication of “Riverflex Expert Talks”,  Robert Williams, an experienced consultant specialised in large scale organizational change, shares his impressions about challenges and

Discussing Pricing Strategies with Johan Maessen

“Riverflex Expert Talks” is our new content series putting the spotlight on Riverflex’s digital experts to chat about their vision and experience supporting organisations. For our first publication, we had a chance to sit down with Johan, a pricing expert