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Danique Wagemaker, Riverflex’s new Consulting Director

Riverflex welcomes our new Consulting Director on board – Danique Wagemaker. The team is thrilled to have Danique in this new role, taking Riverflex to the next level.

Previously having worked at Google and Deloitte Digital, Danique Wagemaker launched her …

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Discussing the benefits of design & business integration while working remotely with Stefanie Knoren

Finding ways to drive creative problem solving and innovation can be challenging, especially when your team is working remotely. But those organisations who are able to embed collaboration, customer co-creation, transparency and trust into their culture and working structures can …

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3 Steps to set up a high performing remote team

The Covid-19 has swept across the globe, causing tremendous change in everyone’s lives. Which were once crowded streets in European capitals are now empty where mask-wearing is mandatory, borders are being closed, and pharmacies are running out of hand sanitizer.…

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The evolution of work culture and the gig economy

Organisations worldwide have become more diverse, team-focused, and less hierarchical. Organisational employment structures are shifting, too. Companies are hiring and retaining employees in a hybrid method, with higher numbers each year subscribing to the gig economy. The ‘gig economy’ which

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How the gig economy has evolved and what to expect next

The ‘gig economy’ seems as if it has abruptly appeared on the scene as a new buzzword used by the millennial generation. However, this idea of ‘an alternative’ and often flexible, project-based work arrangement has been around since the 1900’s ...

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The untapped potential of a pricing strategy and how to get started!

When it comes to pricing, there is a lot of untapped potential. According to a Bain study, a stunning 78% of B2C companies are convinced their pricing decisions can be improved! A thought-out pricing strategy can improve your pricing decisions, and simultaneously help you to monetise on this potential. 

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Navigating the B2B advisory services ecosystem in the digital age

Service design study on (independent) consulting services with F500 companies


New digital opportunities are transforming companies at a faster pace than ever. This has led to shifts in how organisations organise their workforce, moving to more flexible models, modern …

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Sebastien Monnet: ‘The future of recruitment is marketing’

New technologies and ways of life are having a deep impact on HR management and especially on recruitment processes.  

Sebastien Monnet, Digital Recruitment Marketing Consultant and member of the Riverflex community, has a clear vision on how companies should

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Meet our Partners: MURAL, modern tools for a modern way of working

Digital transformation is bringing many changes to the way we work. New processes and tools are required to face the challenges and make the most of the coming opportunities. Wout Hermans, enterprise transformation manager in MURAL, told us

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Robert Williams: Discussing the future of HR

HR evolution is one of the main topics when it comes to digital transformation. In this new publication of “Riverflex Expert Talks”,  Robert Williams, an experienced consultant specialised in large scale organizational change, shares his impressions about challenges and

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