What we are

Riverflex is a consultancy working shoulder to shoulder with organisations to meet the challenges of the digital world. Operating in an open ecosystem of partners and independent consultants, and always striving to be better - we are the consulting firm of the future.

Consulting done differently

We believe a digital world needs a new approach. Our mission is to do consulting in a better way every day.

The right skill sets

We team up with independent specialists from the open-talent network to provide you with the right skills.

Lean & flexible

We only do what is needed to achieve your goals. No more, no less. Flexibly scaling up and down.

Innovative methods

We help apply agile, design-thinking and data-driven methods to everything you do.

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Get to know our top professionals, previously working at boutiques, big consultancies, digital agencies, and world-class industry players.

Join our community of 350+ independent top professionals!

We blend top digital consulting skills with independent specialist know how. Are you constantly seeking to improve and do better work? Join us in our mission to do consulting in a better way, every day.

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Our professionals have served the best companies in the world. We find and deliver the support needed for top digital results.

Building Direct Consumer Relationships at a global FMCG player with agile marketing

Key services include:
Digital Marketing Transformation

Digital transformation at Clear-Channel to capture the potential of digital in Out-of-Home

Key services include:
Digital Transformation Agile Transformation

Agile retail adaptation through computer vision at a Samsung pop-up store

Key services include:
Data & Analytics Store of the Future

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