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3 Steps to set up a high performing remote team

The Covid-19 has swept across the globe, causing tremendous change in everyone’s lives. Which were once crowded streets in European capitals are now empty where mask-wearing is mandatory, borders are being closed, and pharmacies are running out of hand sanitizer.…

How to grow your consulting business through an economic downturn

Download this guide for more information on how to deal with the impacts of Coronavisrus as an independent consultant


Uncertainty around how to plan for the future while surviving during the current crisis has led to many of us

The evolution of work culture and the gig economy

Organisations worldwide have become more diverse, team-focused, and less hierarchical. Organisational employment structures are shifting, too. Companies are hiring and retaining employees in a hybrid method, with higher numbers each year subscribing to the gig economy. The ‘gig economy’ which

3 Essential tools to help independent consultants deliver

At Riverflex, we work with a network of over 400 independent consultants and we’ve learned a thing or two about what it takes to deliver on client projects. Naturally, every independent has their own approach to working, and unlike a …

How the gig economy has evolved and what to expect next

The ‘gig economy’ seems as if it has abruptly appeared on the scene as a new buzzword used by the millennial generation. However, this idea of ‘an alternative’ and often flexible, project-based work arrangement has been around since the 1900’s ...

5 Emerging consulting professions for the new economy

Traditional management consulting is becoming a thing of the past. Companies are seeking to solve business challenges arising from constant digital & technological disruption with agile, customised and specific expertise. This influences what they look for in a consulting partner …

How to set and achieve your professional goals as an independent

In one of our previous articles, The Ultimate 10-Step Guide for Success as an Independent Consultant, we discussed long term strategies to help build your independent consulting business. But how can you begin without having clearly defined short term goals in place? ...

How to build a professional network as an independent consultant

News coverage on the gig economy usually centers on digital platforms such as Uber, Lyft and Upwork. What this coverage fails to mention, however, is the growing “white collar” dimension of the gig economy, made up of highly qualified professionals working independently ...

Is your organisation ready for the professional gig economy?

In the fast-paced digital age, access to top skills & expertise is what will set your organisation apart from the competition. Where are you finding top talent, and how? With a growing number of highly skilled professionals becoming independent, traditional employment platforms might not be enough to find the expertise you need.

Are you ready to go independent?

More and more professionals are going freelance. Should you do the same? Here are some things to consider on your new professional journey.