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Are you ready to go independent?

More and more professionals are going freelance. Should you do the same? Here are some things to consider on your new professional journey.

5 Reasons More Consultants Are Becoming Independent

The independent model is a rational choice to abandon old ways of working, to take on rewarding projects, and to shape one’s own career path. Consultants and organizations alike can greatly benefit from it. Find out how.

How to Successfully Work With Independent Consultants

The demand for independent consultants is on the rise. Organisations are increasingly seeing the value that quality independent consultants can deliver.

UK Organisations Leading in the Open Talent Economy Adoption, Netherlands Catching Up

Use of the open-talent ecosystem is therefore on a rapid growth trajectory. While the adoption is growing across Europe we see that growth is faster in some countries than others revealing some useful insights.

How Your Organisation Can Benefit from the Shift to Independent Consulting

In this article we will give some of the key trends leading to the disruption in the consulting industry, and the 5 benefits this could bring to your organisation.

The Ultimate 10-Step Guide for Success as an Independent Consultant

If it is your (long term) goal to build out your independent consulting business, here are 10 tips that can guide you to start, grow, and expand.

5 tips how to grow as an independent professional

Not being a permanent employee in a business can make it less straight-forward to grow your own career and expertise. These 5 tips will help you create a foundation on which to build on with hard work and dedication.