Digital Technology Lead

Helping businesses win in a software centric world

Arjen is an experienced technology leader with a strong proven track record in software development, architecture and operations.  After managing several teams as head of technical platform services at, he became CTO of Coosto (social media management software) for 2,5 years. As part of the management team there, he was responsible for software engineering, infrastructure, operations, security, and architecture as well as HR and customer service. Working as an independent consultant, Arjen is helping clients increase software delivery performance by creating high performance development teams, modernising architecture and moving into agile and DevOps ways of working.

Providing only the advice on IT direction is not enough. We need to roll-up our sleeves and drive the adoption.

Transformation Done Differently

There are many strands of change in best practice IT today. From agile delivery and devops to the shift towards micro-service and cloud architectures these changes can enable significant benefit for organisation. However, these are all inter-related. To really make an impact, Arjen believes in forming plans and implementing them holistically across areas. Not everything needs to be done at once but taking a piecemeal approach to IT transformation will not bring the desired benefits.

Examples of Arjen’s recent experience and successes include:

  • Arjen has managed the Parkmobile software development team to stabilise and scale their IT app development for multiple brands throughout Europe
  • Arjen took the technology capability of the small start-up Coosto to the next level. He dramatically increased productivity going from bi-weekly to multi-releases per day while simultaneously reducing downtime – going from 8 hours to 4 minutes per month.

Arjen has collected several speaking engagements at conferences and meetups on software development, architecture and operations, such as:

  • DevOps ’18 Conference: 6 steps to awesome – continually solving the problem better and faster
  • DevOn Summit ’18: 6 steps to awesome – continually solving the problem better and faster
  • PHP Breda Meetup – Talk on how to use tools to improve remote working
  • PHP Nijmegen Meetup – A talk on service architecture, service platform, continuous delivery, and team structure
  • Agile Holland Meetup: Continuous Delivery at Scale