Data Visualisation Expert

Creating uniquely crafted and interactive data visualisations that engage and enlighten audiences

Nadieh is an awarded designer and graduated astronomer with expertise in the fields of data, data visualisation, infographics and data science. She has worked with small start-ups, magazines like Scientific American, all the way to global multinationals such as Google to help them get new and insightful perspectives on their data. In her projects, Nadieh is committed to always finding new and exciting ways to visualize clients’ data. Each visualisation is meant to be as effective as possible in revealing underlying insights, but also visually appealing.

My favorite kind of feedback is to hear that someone just spent 30 minutes happily diving into a visual that I’ve made, learning many new sides to the main story.

Design Done Differently

For each project, Nadieh designs a completely custom build  visualisation. She always works from a data & goals perspective. Her visuals are always handcrafted to the specifics of the client’s data and its insights, to make it both effective, unique and beautiful. Furthermore, to ensure that the end result is something that the client is fully happy with, she works on an almost continuous feedback loop with her clients.

Examples of Nadieh’s recent work include:

  • A flagship piece for the newspaper the Guardian, called “Bussed Out”. The article dealt with how homeless people are being bussed around the United States. In this piece, Nadieh adopted the latest trends in (interactive) data visualization as well as her creative approach to show the data in new kinds of visuals;
  • Working with UNESCO to visualize the existing connections between the ~500 Intangible Cultural Heritage elements that are inscribed on UNESCO’s list. The project was officially revealed, and received very enthusiastically, during the 2018 session of the “Intergovernmental Committee for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage” where 800 participants from over 120 countries gathered in Mauritius.

Over the years, Nadieh has collected several global speaking engagements. In 2016, she gave a presentation at OpenVis, one of the leading conferences in data visualisation. Ever since, she has been regularly flying across the world to speak at conferences and inspire audiences, showing them that there is much more to data visualisation than just the basic “charts”.


  • Gold in “Politics & Global” at the 2018 Information is Beautiful Awards;
  • Best Data Visualization at the 2018 North American Digital Media Awards;
  • Best Investigative Data Journalism at the 2018 Online Journalism Awards;
  • Best Individual at the 2017 Information is Beautiful Awards;
  • Gold in “Unusual” at the 2017 Information is Beautiful Awards;
  • Silver in “Science & Tech” at the 2017 Information is Beautiful Awards;
  • Rising Star at the 2016 Information is Beautiful Awards;


  • Leiden University
    MsC Cum Laude Astronomy