Our story

Riverflex was founded in 2018
to do consulting differently


Riverflex founders

André Azadehdel

Victor Hoong

We’ve worked in consulting since the turn of the century, helping businesses become better. We love this work. Helping others deliver hard business results is rewarding, challenging, and exciting. Despite our success, in the consulting industry we all know that clients are demanding further improvement. We also know that they complain of over-sized and inexperienced teams. In other words, we see that the gap between client need and traditional consulting outcomes is now too far apart. Surely we can do this better.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over
and expecting different results.

In recent times, we have seen huge changes across nearly all industries. Yet consulting is still done the same way since the first firms were founded a century ago. We believe that to achieve more with consulting, we should think about how to do it differently.

What if we had an open consulting ecosystem? One made up of high quality vetted independent professionals and small partners. In this ecosystem, professionals could join from tier one consulting firms, from top agencies or from industry blue-chips. Being independent, they are highly incentivised. But being independent in our ecosystem doesn’t mean being alone. In the same way, imagine connecting these international professionals to share methods, knowledge and insights. Connecting to support one another to learn and grow. In this ecosystem, you could create the best teams with the latest skills and experience in the market. Such teams would bring the consulting muscle to robustly drive projects. They would also wear the industry business scars needed to make real impact.

A high quality open consulting firm

This is the future we believe in at Riverflex. For this reason, we work with lean teams of independent experts and partners in flexible engagements. Next to that, we use digital tooling and agile ways of working to work faster and deliver effective results. Above all, we are creating a high quality open consulting firm.

We are working differently to work better. Better consulting from us, better lifestyles for our consultants, better results for our clients.

– Victor Hoong & André Azadehdel, Riverflex Founders

What defines Riverflex?

  • Innovation. We don’t believe in dogma, we only take the best. To do so, we learn and adapt, and we are not afraid to make mistakes. Overall, we will never be afraid to challenge the status quo.
  • Excellence. We expect the very best from ourselves and will deliver quality outcomes for our clients.  Our commitment is to create value for our clients, delivering tangible and positive change. To do this, we will hold ourselves and others accountable to the highest ethical and professional standards
  • Diversity. We cherish diversity. Different viewpoints create better outcomes for all. We prefer not to have an opinion than to follow group-think that we don’t believe in.
  • Growth. We always want to be growing as professionals and as human beings. There are always things to learn and improve, and we will never become lazy and complacent in what we do. We aspire to create a working environment with a world-class reputation for professional growth.