Navigating the B2B advisory services ecosystem in the digital age

Service design study on (independent) consulting services with F500 companies

New digital opportunities are transforming companies at a faster pace than ever. This has led to shifts in how organisations organise their workforce, moving to more flexible models, modern talent management practices, as well as a re-evaluation of their talent and partner ecosystem. Many companies have recognised this trend and reacted to it. For instance, Microsoft is actively promoting the open talent economy by taking down barriers and encouraging people to innovate, offering funding to anyone who is willing to work with freelance professionals. Tech giant Philips is opening up to remote and freelance work, creating its own ‘talent marketplace’ instead of keeping jobs local. Similarly, Unilever has created its own freelancing talent pool. These mechanisms allow them to access a broader network of scarce and valuable resources that they might otherwise not have had access to.

Riverflex conducted qualitative research in order to better understand professional advisory needs of organisations in the digital age.


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