Technology Transformation

We help to modernise IT and apply lean principles

We help organisations modernise IT and apply lean principles to create the technology capabilities needed to compete in the fast moving digital world.

Organisations have become more reliant on IT than ever, as technology and data are becoming more customer-facing. A high variability in performance can lead to a significantly lower customer satisfaction. And this while IT has reached an unprecedented level of complexity. It is therefore imperative to the commercial success of an organisation to successfully build a modern and fit for purpose technology capability – without being capital intensive.

An effective technology transformation will create an IT function that is organised effectively. The technology landscape is modernised to enable the objectives of the business and IT.

Clients ask us to:

  • Create a vision for how technology can enable the broader business strategy
  • Define an operating model and required architecture to reorganise IT into autonomous agile product or service teams for value delivery and speed. Define which foundational technical enablers need to be setup to enable this shift e.g. Cloud, API’s, DevOps, and automation
  • Support the communication and case towards executive level by connecting foundational tech change to business purpose – gaining buy-in for investment
  • Help internalise and leverage new technologies and tooling(e.g. where and how to provide shared services for knowledge sharing, training and experts) to speed up the learning curve of each (agile) team
  • Kick-off DevOps practices by defining the setup and requirements of Standard Operating Procedures, automated monitoring services, enterprise reliability services, and site reliability engineering practices. Define a rollout plan for migration of Operations activities
  • Help drive a stable and scalable landscape and decentral decision making by detailing Enterprise Architecture (EA) principles for product teams, in the areas of modular architecture, cloud-native development, services architecture, the use of a data and API platform, and security and compliance. Develop plans to get existing solutions in line with the EA principles
  • Augment the organisation with specialists in fields such as DevOps, Cloud, and data science, to supercharge a transformation and transfer knowledge to the team

How we do things differently

The right skill sets.

With many organisations looking to develop their capabilities in areas such as Cloud and API management, finding the right specialist can become a challenge. We provide you with professionals in these fields who are at the forefront of their craft, and have worked with leading digital organisations. These specialists work in teams with our more generalist consultants, who know how to kick-off, shape and successfully execute a far reaching transformation.

Lean Flexible.

This ‘minimum viable team’ will ensure that you are getting value from your investment. By augmenting our team with yours we are not doubling up and are helping knowledge transfer from our specialists to your organisation.

Modern methods.

Central to your technology transformation will be the application of modern principles for infrastructure, application development, and maintenance – transforming the way IT teams deliver and operate technology. Our experts will work closely with you to define how these approaches will work in your organisation, bringing real change to the frontline to capture and sustain the impact.

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