Robotic Process Automation

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We design and deliver virtual coworker teams to take care of the mundane, repetitive tasks and help you focus on what matters most: growing your business.

In today’s fast-paced world, organisations need to meet and exceed customer expectations, delivering high quality services and products, faster and cheaper than their competition. This need for speed poses a challenge for Finance, Logistics and any other team responsible for day-to-day operations and business processes. Next to that, employees nowadays expect their organisations to provide them with interesting, meaningful work and a healthy work-life balance.

The reality is that most employees spend up to 40% of their time on mundane, repetitive tasks, stuck between the customer order and the fulfillment. Adding the need for regulatory compliance and an overheated job market brings along the perfect storm for robotic process automation (RPA).

RPA is an automation tool introducing the concept of a virtual employee. Through machine learning and AI, these software robots mimic the manual, rule-based actions that your employees perform in the existing application landscape, scaling up and down to match your customer demand. Meanwhile, your employees can focus on the remaining high value, cognitive work.

Such a capability can improve your operational efficiency, bring significant cost savings, increase speed of delivery to your customers, and improve data entry quality at the same time. Effectively implementing and scaling RPA in your organisation can also increase employee satisfaction, as your teams will no longer need to work late nights on meaningless tasks.

How we support your organisation's RPA journey:

  • Support existing departmental RPA initiatives in further professionalisation, IT alignment, architecture design and enterprise rollout;
  • Perform a (quick) scan on the automation capabilities of the organisation to assess maturity, gaps, and (quick win) opportunities;
  • Challenge your organisation to define a vision as well as strategic, revenue-generating goals for Robotic Process Automation;
  • Building a business case for RPA in your organisation by designing and implementing a first RPA pilot. Showcasing the value of RPA for customer success, employee satisfaction, quality and compliance as well as efficiency outcomes.
  • Train and coach your business users in all aspects of RPA delivery, moving from co-creation towards an in-house RPA capability.
  • Help setup the internal communications and change management for the transformation program to support change;
  • Design the value case for enabling RPA at scale, in either a centralized or federated approach.
  • Define the target RPA operating model, metrics and delivery process, enabling governance and alignment with business and IT services.

How we do things differently

The right skill sets.

We see many RPA initiatives fail in scaling for two reasons: not doing things right and not doing the right things. Four roles are crucial. First, strategy experts to design the value case in a world with hybrid human-bot workforces. Next to that, business analysts to assess and prioritise use cases, and RPA implementation specialists to build high-quality robots requiring minimal operation attendance, while transferring knowledge and best practices to your teams at the same time. And finally, change agents that help end-users see robotics and intelligent automation as a career opportunity, rather than a job threat. This is why we build a team with the perfect mix of skills

Lean & Flexible.

We work with you to define the ‘minimum viable team’ in each step of your RPA journey. You might already have experienced business analysts and qualified business users that could build RPA software robots themselves with some training and mentoring. By complementing these skills, you get the highest value for your investment.

Modern methods.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating. However, eating puddings at scale requires a different approach than tasting the first one. Riverflex’s methodology for RPA combines opportunity funnel management, an RPA benefit based prioritisation method for use cases with a short-cycled design and build approach for every phase in your RPA journey.

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