Digital Transformation

We help to embrace the digitalisation of business and adopt digital tools

We help organisations embrace the digitalisation of business and adopt digital tools to succeed in the modern world.

Many businesses are facing existential threats through digital disruption. However, the rapid technological advances of the digital age can also be fertile ground to build significant competitive advantage or new revenue streams. Steering a business through this type of journey is a complex and challenging exercise. For a successful digital transformation, leadership approaches need to transform, too. Creating new capabilities and culture at the core of the business, organising it to be adaptive and flexible, and adopting new digital technologies and practices.

An effective digital business transformation can help your organisation understand and empathise with your customers, as well as constantly test, learn and innovation. Your organisation has the power to become a highly effective factory for continuously creating new scalable products and business models.

How we help you drive digital transformation in your organisation:

  • Build the executive appetite, the business case and impetus for change. Support, and where necessary coach and educate the leadership team to drive the change
  • Work out where to focus to achieve the most business value quickly and define a transformation approach that will work for the organisation. Creating a transformation roadmap and managing the delivery;
  • Enable the creation of new skills and capabilities, reorganise the business, reset culture and behaviours and change the way the business operates
  • Create new ways of coming up with ideas, testing them and designing new products and digital experiences;
  • Support getting up to speed on new technology and innovation and how to use them to deliver value in their business

How we do things differently

The right skill sets.

We have consultants with both specialist and generalist skills – a winning combination when delivering a digital transformation. Generalist consultants are able to understand the business problem, define an overall digital transformation strategy, shape an approach, plan and  manage the delivery. At the same time, specialists can provide their deep expertise, experience and lessons learned while working on delivering change in other organisations.

Lean & Flexible.

The digital transformation journey takes time and requires different skills and types of support at various phases. We are able to complement your business with our ‘minimum viable team’ to achieve your outcomes.  And we will work with you to scale the team as needed throughout the transformation.

Modern methods.

Key to a digital transformation is the business itself adopting new methods, such as service design or agile. We work with you to up-skill and embed these practices within your business. Next to that, we run the transformation using the same approaches. This way,  your organisation can have first-hand experience of these methods and of the benefits they deliver.

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