Store of the Future

We help design and deliver store of the future concepts and solutions

We help design and deliver store of the future concepts and solutions that create high customer relevancy and improve store effectiveness.

Digital disruption has had ripple effects on brick and mortar retailers, and many are now in the process of reinventing themselves. Business leaders are evaluating what consumers expect and shifting the role of the physical store in their business model. Questions are arising around what the in-store customer experience should be, and what functional (omni-channel) services retailers should offer to create and maintain value. As these types of investments weigh heavy on local store P&L, additional topics around store efficiency are often pushed high on the agenda. Operations teams and IT counterparts are urged to investigate the potential of data-driven retail optimisation, and automation. With the right digital store of the future strategy, design, implementation, and optimisation process, retailers can maintain an edge over the competition.

We help your organisation’s prepare for the future of retail by increasing the value of your store portfolio and ROI:

  • Define the vision and purpose of your store of the future, as well as business objectives and KPIs. Get executive alignment to move fast from strategy to execution.
  • Define the agenda, and capabilities to be enabled across markets, brands, and store formats to support your vision.
  • Create a balanced roadmap with (re)prioritised initiatives based on impact and time to results – linked back to clear KPIs and targets.
  • Design concepts for retail innovation initiatives, using data-driven practices, service design, and lean startup methodologies. Perform customer and associate research to ensure value creation.
  • Guide your store of the future technology solution choices, selection criteria, and vendor trade-offs for store innovation and optimisation.
  • Set up or improve the agile store innovation process, ensuring continuous measurement, testing, and improvement of the retail experience and/or operations using data available. This to improve your store performance, and create fact driven use-cases on real value and ROI for further scaling across the organisation.
  • Help develop cross-charging models to scale and fund the innovations across the store portfolio and markets.
  • Augmenting your organisation with specialists such as product owners, service-designers, and data scientists. Supercharging your store of the future initiative and transferring knowledge to the team.

How we do things differently

The right skill sets.

We operate in the open talent ecosystem, and we can help you access the right retail consultants and specialists for your project. Our specialists have worked for leaders in the retail space such as Ahold Delhaize, adidas, Samsung, John Lewis, and PVH amongst others. We bring strong consultants with Tier 1 agency and consulting backgrounds, such as McKinsey, BCG, Deloitte Digital, Razorfish, AKQA, and ThoughtWorks.

Purposeful and Lean.

We are 100% focused on delivering your target outcome. We always start lean with ‘minimal viable teams’ and tailored – not template – approaches. This means we get to the answers as effectively and efficiently as possible. We all know that project objectives can evolve over time, so we work closely with our clients to stay focused. This way we can be flexible in plans but always fixed in achieving our purpose.

Modern methods.

We must do things differently to get better results. Our digitally-native teams are experienced in the latest digital practices and strive to improve continuously. We gather research across our projects on how to deliver even greater store experiences and improve retail store performance. Our methods are not just for one-off use in consulting exercises. We always aim to transfer these methods to our clients and embed scalable changes in our clients’ business operations.

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