Digital Marketing Transformation

We help to design and deliver digital marketing strategies

We help design and deliver digital marketing strategies that create high customer relevancy and real business value.

Consumer behaviour is changing rapidly on multichannel touch points, and brands are expected to be ever more relevant with their messaging and services. Such a rapidly changing environment poses a challenge for CMO’s and their peers: they must transform how their marketing organizations work in order to survive. Marketing activities such as big data & smart insights development, machine learning, as well as agile and precision marketing should be on the agenda.

Creating a digital, data-driven marketing organisation can help companies significantly increase speed, impact and value of brand propositions and campaigns. And get clear value out of investment made.

How we support the transformation of your marketing organisation:

  • Create integrated customer journey and data strategies to build and strengthen channels and experiences. Help teams develop and implement the related use-cases and approaches, showing how it improves their KPIs and objectives;
  • Guide technology-solution choices, selection criteria, and vendor trade-offs for full marketing suites or point solutions such as DMP’s or decision engines;
  • Define operating-model adjustments required to increase speed and effectiveness of the marketing organisation, adopting or improving new agile and data-driven practices. Including roles, organizational structures, and operating processes.

How we do things differently

The right skill sets.

We operate in an open-ecosystem. As such, we can make sure you get the right marketing consultants and independent specialists that meet your specific needs – and that know how to tackle the challenges of digital-age marketing. Tech Savvy DMP developers that are experts on defining scalable data-paths, or strategy veterans in designing profitable data-driven use cases – you get people who actually have done the job before.

Lean & Flexible.

We always start lean with a ‘minimal viable team’. You have the flexibility to add more expertise or helping hands where and if needed. We all know that projects and initiatives tend to evolve, so let’s not try to predict the future and ‘do’ a waterfall approach.

Modern methods.

We know that successful change comes from showing proof and clear value. Therefore we (1) use proofed use-cases that show clear value, (2) apply a clean short-cycled approach based on business outcome first, and (3) work in very close collaboration with your sales, marketing and analytics teams. No matter if we are helping you select and implement the right digital technologies, design a customer experience communications and data strategy, or implement agile marketing practices. We make sure that the change delivered meets your objectives and can become a scalable home-grown practice – not a one off consulting exercise.

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