Data-Driven Innovation

We help ideate, prototype, test and grow innovations

We help ideate, prototype, test and grow innovation.

Technological advancement and customer demands are changing at the speed of Moore’s law. There isn’t an industry that’s not being disrupted or on the brink of disruption. And companies that are successful innovators outperform the S&P 500 by 200%. To thrive in such an environment, organisations need to embrace big data and innovation — increasing their speed to market and success rate through continuous testing and optimisation. They do this by adopting the best elements from lean start-up, design sprint, innovation portfolio management, stage-gate, scaled agile and growth hacking.

How we support your organisation’s innovation journey:

  • Ideate and validate new propositions. We start building your innovation strategy by gathering insights into the needs or problems of your customers. Then, it’s time to sketch potential solutions, build a prototype and get feedback from real users;
  • Validate assumptions. First, find the most important risky hypotheses to validate. Then create experiments that will validate these hypotheses the fastest. Finally: measure and interpret results;
  • Grow the new business. Define the best KPI’s and targets for the business model and growth phase. Grow the new business through analytics and growth marketing. Find acquisition channels that scale. Use the best conversion optimization tactics out there.

How we do things differently

The right skill sets.

We don’t just offer innovation consultants or design sprint facilitators. We find the experts who have done the job before. Our consultants have access to a network of coaches, resources and other experts. So that whether you need a service designer or a data scientist, we’ll find the best person for the job to augment your innovation team.

Lean & Flexible.

We always start lean as ‘minimal viable team’. You have the flexibility to add more
expertise or helping hands where and if needed. We all know that projects and initiatives tend to
evolve, so let’s not try to predict the future and ‘do’ a waterfall approach.

Modern methods.

We know that successful change comes from showing proof and clear value. Therefore no matter if we help select and implement the right marketing technology, design a customer journey communications and data strategy, or implement agile marketing practices – we (1) use proofed use-cases that show clear value, (2) apply a clean short-cycled approach based on business outcome first, and (3) work in very close collaboration with your sales, marketing and analytics teams. This makes sure that change delivered meets objectives and becomes a scalable home-grown practice,
not a one off consulting exercise.

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