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We help organisation unleash the power of data to transform their business

We help organisation unleash the power of data to transform their business.

Data is the battlefield for modern organisations. More and more businesses are looking at data to empower and differentiate their services. Organising and applying data and insights in an effective way gains significant competitive advantage, and an opportunity for tapping into new revenue streams and generate funding for growth. However to truly leverage the power of data, broad changes to how a business behaves and what underlying capabilities it needs are required. Many organisations try to run before they can walk in the fields of big-data, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

To adopt the right data-driven practices, organisations need to invest in building foundational capabilities in the data space, including data engineering, data visualisation, data analysis, and data science. When done right, these will support use cases and applications that deliver true value to the organisation.

Clients ask us to:

  • Define a vision, strategy and approach for reaping value from data, defining key capabilities required (incl. skills & roles, process & ways of working, technology, security)
  • Selection of the platform partner, and development of a target architecture that enables the advanced analytics and data science capabilities to meet business goals. Design and setup the data governance and operating model as well as support team for integrations.
  • Design & build of platform foundations, data connections, and consumption layers
  • Select and deliver the tools to enable the organisation with data driven decision making. Help setup and train the initial user community to shift into a data-driven understanding and mindset
  • Develop and support data-science capabilities and first use cases
  • Work with commercial teams to create a new data based proposition and take it to market. Test business hypotheses using statistical analysis
  • Augment the organisation with specialists in fields such as data scientists, data engineers, and data managers, to supercharge a transformation and transfer knowledge to the team

How we do things differently

The right skill sets.

The field of data is extremely broad, and each branch requires its own deep specialism. More often than not, we have seen organisations use the wrong skill set to solve a problem – only because those were the data capabilities available at the time. We are dedicated to matching the right skills to each problem. We source seasoned experts working as independents from the open-talent ecosystem. This way, we can make sure we are providing you with the most appropriate people for your challenge.

Lean & Flexible.

We will start by building the ‘minimum viable team’ to achieve your outcomes, no more or no less. If your requirements change or you need to source specific expertise for short periods of time, we will be able to scale to provide that.

Modern methods.

Our projects are delivered using contemporary approaches such as agile. This helps us ensure we are delivering just what you need, as well as manage risks and give you the opportunity to change direction as you learn.

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