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Riverflexer in the spotlight with Sabine Zwinscher

by Claudia Arena on 26 Apr 2018

We are proud to introduce Sabine Zwinscher as our very first "Riverflexer in the Spotlight". Sabine is an expert on digital commerce and transformation.

We’ve had great traction in growing our professional network but for us, it’s not just about the number of consultants but about the number of connections we can create between them. Therefore we would like to introduce our “Riverflexer in the spotlight” update post!

We will regularly spotlight some of our consultants so that you can get to know them. Taking the honour of the very first spotlight is Sabine Zwinscher who will join our team soon and is available from July 2018.


From adidas Global VP in Digital to independent consultant

Sabine joins as an expert on digital commerce and transformation. She is a passionate eCommerce and digital marketing executive and has an awesome track record with over 20 years of experience in building global teams and digital capabilities. Before becoming an independent consultant Sabine was a global digital VP at adidas and played a key role in the digital leadership team responsible for a major digital transformation programme at adidas back in 2015. A transformation that was also supported by consultants that have since joined the Riverflex team. Since then adidas was recently rated by Gartner L2 as the best digital player among activewear brands and which recently delivered 57% year-on-year growth in eCommerce revenue.

“What excites me most about independent consulting is to have the opportunity to leverage my experience and learnings as VP to help other organisations grow their brands and channels in the digital space. Using my personal learnings to setup and drive a customer-centric digital and data strategy, and truly enable real-time targeting and personalised consumer interaction in an organisation is very rewarding”


Digital transformation with Riverflex

Within Riverflex, Sabine will take a key role either leading or advising on digital eCommerce transformation and digital marketing analytics projects.

“The Riverflex model appeals to me as it provides flexibility in projects I want to pursue while giving the opportunity to work with top digital talent and teams. This enables me to make a real difference for clients in becoming customer centric and data driven.”

We are super proud to have Sabine on board and look forwards to working with her. We hope you got to know her a bit better as well. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have questions or want to connect.


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