Change & Strategy Consultant

Sanjeet has reshaped organisations, launched products and grown digital capabilities for clients including: RBS, Natwest, Sony, BBC, RTL, Microsoft, Fidelity, Bupa, Centrica, GLA, Public Health England & Oxford University. He is passionate about helping businesses get the most out of their most important resource –their people. With a background spanning management consulting, technology transformation, digital product launches, corporate strategy and working at C level, he is able to draw on a breadth of experiences enabling conversations with different members in an organisation.

With experience, or as I like to call it “Sweat Equity”, comes the ability to listen, offer suggestions and act on instinct. 

Change done differently

Rather than taking a purist view to transformation, Sanjeet likes to blend approaches. Relying on his experience, he is able to listen, offer suggestions and quickly propose solutions – something which isn’t necessarily championed by traditional approaches to strategy and transformation. Playing by the book, these approaches lack a fundamental understanding of what it means to be down in the trenches.

Examples of Sanjeet’s recent experience:

  • BBC Global iPlayer – building and launching a service in 9 months, that lasted 5 years, and established an entirely new digital supply chain and revenue streams, ultimately enabling integration with the likes of Netflix, YouTube).

  • Public Health England – Operating at C level, leading strategic change across a number of merging organisations including Health Protection Agency, National Institute of Clinical Excellence & regional healthcare observatories. Delivering an award winning Longer Lives portal which shone a light on healthcare inequality across England, leveraging data from a plethora of health organisations that hadn’t previously worked together.

  • Driving behavioural and cultural change at a global out-of-home advertising leader. This included de-siloing its global technology organisations, facilitating collaboration, accelerated delivery of products through agile working practices and helping the organisation as a whole build competitive advantage in a rapidly changing macro-economic landscape.

  • Launching Demand 5 – a syndicateable Video-On-Demand platform that created new revenue streams based of the premise that customers follow content ahead of brand loyalty to a TV company

  • Consulting with organisations including Oxford University, Kantar Media, Centrica, UBP, Bupa, Fidelity, Natwest and The FA across a range of topics including: de-siloing operations, improving digital maturity, redesigning customer experiences, creating new target operating models, digital transformation, innovation, Blockchain, AI, IoT and Automations

  • Leading a global change management programme for the Royal Bank of Scotland across global technology 5000 staff.


  • University of Sheffield
    MSc Business Information Systems