RPA Lead - Director EMEA at Kofax

Delivering value by improving and automating business processes.

With twenty years of experience in business process automation in both consulting and leadership roles, Mathieu is our RPA Lead. Together with our partner UiPath, he delivers RPA advisory, transformation and implementation services and leads project teams. As an RPA expert, he is introducing virtual employees in organisations to work on mundane, repetitive tasks. This allows human employees to spend more time on tasks they’re passionate about.

He is passionate about delivering growth to organisations as well as to individual client employees, allowing them to take a next career step through the skills acquired and project outcomes.

I am most proud of my work when I see all four potential outcomes of RPA being realized at the same time in my projects: increased customer satisfaction, increased employee satisfaction, efficient operations and revenue growth.

Automation Done Differently

In his projects, Mathieu takes a pragmatic approach, helping clients look beyond the RPA hype-cycle to align the transformation with the actual business demand.

Examples of Mathieu’s recent experience:

  • Managed an award winning project in the public sector with a clear outcome on road traffic safety;
  • Established a European RPA service delivery center and improved the operating model with a 70% YOY increase in revenue as outcome;
  • Supported an eCommerce start-up with an RPA service model, to allow them to grow without hiring new employees.
  • Introduced a hybrid RPA operating model to one of top 4 Dutch municipalities and trained client employees to deliver RPA projects with UiPath. Outcomes to be measured in an academic research paper.
  • For Riverflex, Mathieu has authored 7 Expert Tips to a Successful RPA Implementation, a guide with practical tips to help businesses succeed on their RPA journey.


  • Utrecht University
    MsC Cum Laude Computer Science & Management