Strategy & Innovation Consultant

Applying new technology to fulfill customer needs.

Martijn is a customer & business oriented leader with over 20 years of experience. He is committed to realising long term business success, and has a broad experience in Strategy, Service Design, Marketing, Business Development, (lean startup) Innovation, Digital/IoT/Information Technology and Business Transformation; in both international corporate and Agile scale-up environments (B2C, B2B & B2B2C).

I recognise strategic business opportunities and business models and organise to make them successful.

Strategy Done Differently

Digital technologies are developing at a faster pace than ever, and their applications in society are continuously evolving. Incumbent organisations often have difficulties identifying and effectively utilising opportunities in (user) data, digital services and associated new business models. Martijn is passionate about helping companies accelerate and grow by making maximum use of digital possibilities to maintain a competitive edge and create value. He supports organisations in defining an innovation vision, strategy and process. Next to that, he facilitates the implementation of roadmaps and business models. With each project, Martijn always begins by looking at business goals and objectives in mind. He helps organisations in early stage customer/user validation to assess the value potential – preventing wasted time and investment.

Examples of Martijn’s recent experience and successes include:

  • TOON smart thermostat: concept development, product/software development and market launch – facilitating Utilities’ transformation from commodity to services provider (Toon services platform);
  • Organised the Innovation agenda, governance and integrated Business/IT roadmap & portfolio within Ahold Europe;
  • Albert Heijn: realtime healthy recommendations  (in-store & online), based on shopping behaviour (AH Bonus Card data) – enabling AH to position itself as the market leader in fresh/healthy food, and cross/upsell during shopping. Concept development, pilot testing & validation, scaled up by AH Online/ Stores;
  • AHtoGo – TaptoGo: Concept development, pilot testing & validation – strategic, GM owned project  removing (self) checkouts in high traffic convenience stores to prevent queues and increase square meters for sales. Currently being scaled up;
  • Responsible for Quby in transforming from a primarily product-focused company into services as its primary business model to create long term relations with partners and end-users
  • Collaborated on the writing of Riverflex’s Innovation publication “A Corporate Innovator’s Guide to Greatness”.