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Stefanie Knoren

Stefanie is a human-centric digital transformation leader. She has 20 years of experience leading cross-functional teams to develop and deliver digital growth strategies, service- and product-innovation, as well as brand experiences for organisations such as adidas, BMW, Audi and Allianz, mid size companies and startups. She is passionate about the value of integrating design with business. As such, Stefanie believes in a holistic design-led approach to business strategy development and execution to drive breakthrough innovation and value for all stakeholders. From customers to employees to business partners.

Intellect analyses the world. Creativity changes it. When the future becomes increasingly ambiguous and uncertain, the opportunity for the bold and courageous leader emerges to create it.

Change Done Differently

As a consultant and innovation facilitator Stefanie works with agile, lean and human-centric design thinking method. In doing so, she ensures that the development of strategies, products, services and experiences is driven from what people need and want whilst adding commercial value for businesses. Strongly committed to human centricity, Stefanie believes that empathy, curiosity, creativity and collaboration are core skills to create change and a positive future. She is dedicated to fostering those skills when working and collaborating with teams, clients and business partners on digital growth strategies, value propositions, new business models, innovation and experience design.

Clients, colleagues and teams value Stefanie’s open, forward thinking, energetic and hands on attitude, committed to driving things and creating positive change and tangible outcome

Examples of Stefanie’s recent experience and successes include:

  • Lead and delivered a global brand commerce ecosystem strategy for adidas in the role of Global Digital Brand Strategy Director;
  • Part of the team that delivered adidas 2020 business strategy ‘Creating the new’;
  • Coached and supported adidas business category teams to develop and implement a holistic, connected and consumer centric approach to experience design in the role of Global Digital Commercial Experience Director;
  • Lead the design studio of Sinnerschrader Munich through the transition process of being acquired by Accenture Interactive in the role of Studio Lead Strategy & Product Management;
  • Lead teams that supported the digital delivery arm of Germany’s top insurance company in building customer centric, innovative digital solutions for global customers;
  • Lead teams that innovated and delivered BMW global online car sales experience
  • With Riverflex, currently working on creating and delivering a consumer centric digital experience strategy for a global consumer lifestyle brand, as well as collaborating on the writing of Riverflex’s marketing publications.


  • University of the Arts London
    MA Design Management


Applying new technology to fulfill customer needs.

Martijn is a customer & business oriented leader with over 20 years of experience. He is committed to realising long term business success, and has a broad experience in Strategy, Service Design, Marketing, Business Development, (lean startup) Innovation, Digital/IoT/Information Technology and Business Transformation; in both international corporate and Agile scale-up environments (B2C, B2B & B2B2C).

I recognise strategic business opportunities and business models and organise to make them successful.

Strategy Done Differently

Digital technologies are developing at a faster pace than ever, and their applications in society are continuously evolving. Incumbent organisations often have difficulties identifying and effectively utilising opportunities in (user) data, digital services and associated new business models. Martijn is passionate about helping companies accelerate and grow by making maximum use of digital possibilities to maintain a competitive edge and create value. He supports organisations in defining an innovation vision, strategy and process. Next to that, he facilitates the implementation of roadmaps and business models. With each project, Martijn always begins by looking at business goals and objectives in mind. He helps organisations in early stage customer/user validation to assess the value potential – preventing wasted time and investment.

Examples of Martijn’s recent experience and successes include:

  • TOON smart thermostat: concept development, product/software development and market launch – facilitating Utilities’ transformation from commodity to services provider (Toon services platform);
  • Organised the Innovation agenda, governance and integrated Business/IT roadmap & portfolio within Ahold Europe;
  • Albert Heijn: realtime healthy recommendations  (in-store & online), based on shopping behaviour (AH Bonus Card data) – enabling AH to position itself as the market leader in fresh/healthy food, and cross/upsell during shopping. Concept development, pilot testing & validation, scaled up by AH Online/ Stores;
  • AHtoGo – TaptoGo: Concept development, pilot testing & validation – strategic, GM owned project  removing (self) checkouts in high traffic convenience stores to prevent queues and increase square meters for sales. Currently being scaled up;
  • Responsible for Quby in transforming from a primarily product-focused company into services as its primary business model to create long term relations with partners and end-users
  • Collaborated on the writing of Riverflex’s Innovation publication “A Corporate Innovator’s Guide to Greatness”.


Sanj Maghera

Sanjeet has reshaped organisations, launched products and grown digital capabilities for clients including: RBS, Natwest, Sony, BBC, RTL, Microsoft, Fidelity, Bupa, Centrica, GLA, Public Health England & Oxford University. He is passionate about helping businesses get the most out of their most important resource –their people. With a background spanning management consulting, technology transformation, digital product launches, corporate strategy and working at C level, he is able to draw on a breadth of experiences enabling conversations with different members in an organisation.

With experience, or as I like to call it “Sweat Equity”, comes the ability to listen, offer suggestions and act on instinct. 

Change done differently

Rather than taking a purist view to transformation, Sanjeet likes to blend approaches. Relying on his experience, he is able to listen, offer suggestions and quickly propose solutions – something which isn’t necessarily championed by traditional approaches to strategy and transformation. Playing by the book, these approaches lack a fundamental understanding of what it means to be down in the trenches.

Examples of Sanjeet’s recent experience:

  • BBC Global iPlayer – building and launching a service in 9 months, that lasted 5 years, and established an entirely new digital supply chain and revenue streams, ultimately enabling integration with the likes of Netflix, YouTube).

  • Public Health England – Operating at C level, leading strategic change across a number of merging organisations including Health Protection Agency, National Institute of Clinical Excellence & regional healthcare observatories. Delivering an award winning Longer Lives portal which shone a light on healthcare inequality across England, leveraging data from a plethora of health organisations that hadn’t previously worked together.

  • Driving behavioural and cultural change at a global out-of-home advertising leader. This included de-siloing its global technology organisations, facilitating collaboration, accelerated delivery of products through agile working practices and helping the organisation as a whole build competitive advantage in a rapidly changing macro-economic landscape.

  • Launching Demand 5 – a syndicateable Video-On-Demand platform that created new revenue streams based of the premise that customers follow content ahead of brand loyalty to a TV company

  • Consulting with organisations including Oxford University, Kantar Media, Centrica, UBP, Bupa, Fidelity, Natwest and The FA across a range of topics including: de-siloing operations, improving digital maturity, redesigning customer experiences, creating new target operating models, digital transformation, innovation, Blockchain, AI, IoT and Automations

  • Leading a global change management programme for the Royal Bank of Scotland across global technology 5000 staff.


  • University of Sheffield
    MSc Business Information Systems


Sabine Zwinscher

Creating a digital first culture.

Sabine is a passionate eCommerce and digital marketing executive, with deep knowledge of eCommerce, digital marketing, digital analytics, data science, consumer engagement and omni-channel strategies. She has thirty years of experience growing brands and business channels. Her expertise lies in driving customer-centric marketing strategies, building digital consumer experiences based on data and storytelling across the digital ecosystem addressing customer needs, mapping customer journeys and driving functional innovation and capability creation processes.

Digital is not something we do – it is who we are! To me, success is when putting customers and employees first using data and technology to innovate lives and create new business models addressing personal needs and preferences. The value is reflected in engagement, conversion and long-term commitments.

Strategy Done Differently

In her line of work, Sabine aims at operating business differently.  Creating purpose & vision and moving step by step towards it – with cross-functional teams, an agile way of working, learning and winning together.

Examples of Sabine’s recent experience:

  • Global Head of Digital in Food Service – Frieslandcampina. Developing O2O customer journey visions for the brands Debic and Lattiz. Creating website, eCommerce and digital marketing concepts that scale profitable growth through a more effective field sales utilisation, targeted lead generation and deeper market penetration across online and offline touch points.
  • Member of the global leadership team ‘Digital Brand Commerce’ for the brands adidas and Reebok. Sabine was responsible for the establishment of a customer-centric digital strategy, for driving digital transformation through the organisation, as well as the growth and integration of eCommerce into the sales portfolio (from 50 Mm to 1,6 Bn)
  • Head of eCRM and Customer Service at Vistaprint. Establishing a targeted, personalised retention and design strategy for Vistaprint Europe
  • P&L responsible for the small medium customer segments at Office Depot – managing the touch points catalogue, customer service centre and telephone account management. Responsible for 1,6 Bio revenue with the highest margin contribution.


  • University of Duisburg-Essen
    MsC Economics



Marcel Fokkema

Delivering great customer experiences, improved customer satisfaction and conversion

Marcel has over 10 years experience in Digital Customer Experience and is dedicated to improve customer satisfaction by working at the intersection of service, marketing, e-commerce and technology. He has worked on projects for companies such as AkzoNobel and Ziggo, where he led the way to digital transformation as an independent for his own consulting firm. He has ample experience with project, line and stakeholder management at all levels in larger and smaller organisations.

I get out of bed every day to help people and teams develop to create customer value.

Strategy Done Differently

Marcel thrives in organisations where action is needed – hitting the ground running, getting people to work on what they are good at and smoothing the path to achieve regular results. Along the way he uses the principles of agile scrum, and flex the rules when it allows people to do even better.

Examples of Marcel’s recent experience:

  • Product Owner for global platform of AkzoNobel’s Professional brands. Digital Lead in Global Professional Marketing team.
  • Product Owner and Delivery Manager for Woodcare global platform at AkzoNobel – platform built and launched from scratch.
  • Manager of Ziggo’s Digital Service team: led the digital workstream for a company-wide radical service improvement program + co-executed agile transformation for the digital team as member of the management team


  • Erasmus University Rotterdam
    MSc Strategic Management
  • CEMS
    MIM, MSc International Management, International Marketing