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Joining Riverflex from all over the world, the Riverflex team is a group of multi-disciplinary, diverse professionals on a mission to create the high quality open consulting firm of the future. We’re driven by the need to find the best independent talent and work together to solve digital challenges large multi-national companies face with our curated teams, partners and solutions.

Victor Hoong

  • Riverflex Founder & Digital Strategy & Transformation Leader
  • Victor is our Founder and Managing Director. He has a background in consulting for the past twenty years with a focus on Customer and Digital Transformation and has served companies such as Ahold Delhaize, adidas, IKEA and PVH(Tommy Hilfiger/Calvin Klein). He has a passion for many digital topics but in his work he most enjoys building and motivating great teams. Victor loves music and loves to dance and once upon a time thought he wanted to be a professional musician.

André Azadehdel

  • Riverflex Founder & Digital Leader
  • André has spent over twenty years helping businesses with their customer and digital transformations and has worked as a consultant in a big-four, led transformations for some of the worlds biggest brands and is an ExCo member for an international media business as CIO. He set up Riverflex with his business partner and friend, Victor, because he enjoys solving businesses’ hardest problems and believes this can be done better with a new type of consulting firm. He has three young girls, so his family takes up most of his time, which he loves. If he gets any other spare time he enjoys travelling, reading and music.

Danique Wagemaker

  • Client Director
  • 7 years of experience delivering digital and technology strategies for senior digital and CxO leadership, and leading data driven marketing programmes. Industry focus: retail (Fashion, Grocery), technology (Consumer Electronics) & FMCG industry (Food, Personal care, Health care). Previous employment: Deloitte Digital, Google.

Laura Barranco

  • Digital Strategy & Business Transformation Leader
  • Laura is a digital strategy & business transformation leader in the consumer goods, health and retail sector. Riverflex Managing Director and Principal with more than 18 years of experience in the development and implementation of digital transformations. Some clients: Walmart, Asda, Nestlé, Bacardi, BP.

Güneş Süsler

  • Managing Director, Turkey
  • Gunes is the Managing Director of Riverflex Turkey and has over 20 years of experience in consultancy with a previous role as Partner in Deloitte Consulting. With a background in strategy, operations and technology, he leads omni-channel and digital transformation programs and helps organizations create business value by aligning business objectives with digital and analytics solutions, new practices, capabilities and culture. He has served companies such as ING, Ford, BMW, Merck, Arçelik, Vestel, Beymen, and Penti.

Ilona Welfing

  • People & Talent Lead
  • Based in Amsterdam, Ilona carries with her 15+ years of experience in business transformation, organisational development, and leadership coaching. She has previously been involved in major transformations where she was leading, facilitating and managing the change. She worked in different corporate environments as a consultant within Danone, followed by working within Danone in various senior HR / Organizational Development positions. Outside of work, Ilona enjoys travelling across countries in her own van and experiment with vegan cuisines.

Hassaan Zaidi

  • Technical Lead
  • Hassaan is a technology enthusiast originally from Pakistan. He loves solving business problems with digital solutions. He has hands-on knowledge and experience building large scale web and mobile applications as well as building and leading technical teams. He is currently working as Tech Lead at Riverflex to build and improve Riverflex platform to empower independent personnel and organisations harness the true power of open talent ecosystem using technology. Besides developing software, he likes to travel and play computer games.

Mathieu Jonker

  • RPA Lead
  • Mathieu is based in The Netherlands and has 20+ years of experience in Robotic Process Automation. Together with our partner UiPath, he delivers RPA advisory, transformation and implementation services to our clients.

Suzanne Vos

  • Senior Consultant
  • Suzanne is a Senior Consultant who grew up in Belgium and is now based in Amsterdam. She started out working at start-ups, before joining a big four company, and over the past 4 years has worked on digital consulting and transformation projects for companies in retail, FMCG, energy & utilities and finance. She enjoys exploring new places, both in the Netherlands and abroad, discovering new recipes and doing a variety of sports, including yoga, field hockey and kickboxing.

Catarina Vieira Lopes

  • Digital Business Consultant
  • Catarina is a business consultant originally from Lisbon. She is a problem-solver, enthusiastic about design thinking and digital transformation. When not supporting Riverflex’s clients in digital strategies and transformation programmes, you can find her enjoying the sun in one of Amsterdam parks, on a concert or browsing crates of old records at flea markets.

Michaella Menin

  • Digital Marketing Specialist
  • Michaella is a digital marketer originally from South Africa. She has a passion for building relationships with clients and customers through digital channels. Aside from working on creating content, sharing ideas and developing B2B strategies, she also enjoys being by the sea, swimming, reading and going for walks with her dog.

Urvashi Dhomeja

  • Junior People & Talent Consultant
  • Urvashi is a Junior People and Talent Consultant from Finland. She enjoys working with her team to match skilled consultants to challenging and fulfilling opportunities, as well as being involved in creating efficient and high-quality people processes curated to leverage the open-network economy. In her free time, she enjoys going for walks, playing golf and listening to early 2000s hits.

Clara Junqueira

  • Digital Designer
  • Clara is a Portuguese graphic designer, now based in the Netherlands. With projects ranging from Branding and Illustration to Web Design, she sees design as a means to enhance the relationship between people and product. Her free time is for tackling the long to-read list on her bedside table, caring for her plants and playing pretty board games.

Esme Wishart

  • Digital Business Consultant
  • Esme recently moved to Amsterdam from the United Kingdom and joined Riverflex as a Digital Business Analyst. She has a passion for all things digital and how companies win with engaging customer value propositions. She is curious about the journey to sustainability that all companies are on. Outside of work, she can be found on the tennis courts in Amsterdamse Bos or spending time with friends.

Esra Akgun

  • Junior People & Talent Consultant
  • Esra is a Junior People & Talent Consultant from Turkey. Having done her master’s recently in Work & Organizational Psychology, she is extremely interested in bridging the gap between research-based trends and findings and actualizing these trends in the people space. Outside of work, she finds passion in taking part in team sports, music, exploring new locations, and lots of coffee!

Mustafa Khan

  • Junior Marketing Specialist
  • Mustafa is a Junior Marketing Specialist from Pakistan, currently living in Rotterdam. He has a passion for creating outside-the-box content, working in the digital sphere and breaking the barriers of B2B marketing. He is also enthusiastic about human rights advocacy and creating opportunities for marginalised communities. In his free time, he enjoys going to the gym, cooking elaborate meals and binge-watching reality television.

Thomas Lung

  • Digital System Analyst
  • Thomas is a Digital System Analyst from Hong Kong, currently residing in South London. He enjoys working with other team members to develop product strategies, sharing ideas to solve challenging problems, as well as learning different aspects of product management and digital process transformation. In his free time, he enjoys playing guitar, basketball and exploring different parts of the world.

Sean Kenny

  • Digital Business Consultant
  • Sean is a Digital Business Consultant from Berlin. Sean created his own enterprise to take his first steps in consulting and entrepreneurship during his Bachelor's and, during his Master’s, he discovered an affinity for organisational design and development and was captivated by the idea of enabling organisations to become the best versions of themselves. Beyond these interests, Sean pursues boxing, CrossFit, reading as well as playing board games.

Maarten Klijnsma

  • Digital Consultant Intern
  • Maarten, who recently moved to Amsterdam, is a Digital Consultant Intern from the Netherlands. Thriving on problem solving and social interactions, he has a true passion for strategy development and understanding the future growth and success factors for companies. Aside from his internship with Riverflex, Maarten really takes joy in exploring the world, spending time with friends and focusing on a healthy lifestyle.

May Wu

  • Digital Consultant Intern
  • May is a Digital Consultant Intern from Hong Kong, currently living in Amsterdam. Alongside this internship, she is studying for a master's degree in digital business. She is passionate about digital transformation and business innovation. She enjoys working and sharing her insights with clients. Outside of work, she loves working out, cooking and playing board games with friends.

Nicolò Concas

  • Talent & Consulting Intern
  • Nicolò is a talent & consulting intern originally from Sardinia in Italy. Alongside the internship and his ambition of bringing Riverflex to Italy, he is currently writing a thesis on how to increase creativity and innovation in the workplace. He is passionate about digitisation, innovation, as well as HR management related topics. Outside of work, he loves travelling, exploring new cultures, cooking, dancing and snorkelling.

Sophia Bulatova

  • People & Recruitment Intern
  • Sophia is a Russian-American recent business graduate. She is interested in the cross-over between business and psychology and believes that people are the most important aspect of any company. In her free time, she skates through Westerpark, organises dinner parties and reads non-fiction books.

Martina Bruno

  • Digital Consultant Intern
  • Martina is a Digital Consultant Intern from Italy, currently living in Amsterdam. She is fascinated about everything related to strategy development and she is driven by the desire to learn and take up new tech and digital challenges. Alongside the internship with Riverflex, she is completing her Double Master’s Degree Program in International Management. Outside of work, she enjoys exploring the world, cooking, and spending time with friends.

Elisa Hofmeister

  • Digital Marketing Intern
  • Elisa is an Italian-American digital marketing intern, currently living in Amsterdam. She is a recent graduate in Media and Marketing and is passionate about creative content creation. She is motivated by new challenges and has a strong desire to learn. Outside of work, Elisa loves travelling, being at the beach and trying new foods.

Ruth Albesa

  • Digital Marketing Intern (Spain)
  • Ruth is a Digital Marketing Intern from Barcelona working in the Riverflex Spain team. She studies International Business and Economics in Spain and is passionate about helping businesses endorse a strong digital marketing strategy. Ruth enjoys classical ballet and contemporary dancing, spending time with friends and family, reading and baking.

Mònica Gil Fuster

  • Business Consultant Intern (Spain)
  • Mònica is a Digital Consultant Intern from Spain. Alongside her internship, she is finishing her Bachelor's in Economics. She is passionate about understanding people, identifying their needs and helping them find effective solutions. Outside of work, Mònica enjoys listening to all kinds of music, especially live music! She also loves meeting new people and discovering new places.

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