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Is your organisation ready for the professional gig economy?

In the fast-paced digital age, access to top skills & expertise is what will set your organisation apart from the competition. Where are you finding top talent, and how? With a growing number of highly skilled professionals becoming independent, traditional employment platforms might not be enough to find the expertise you need.

How to build a successful agile enterprise

Everyone is talking about the benefits of agility in business. But what makes an agile enterprise? This article highlights the steps to take to really transform your organisation.

UK Organisations Leading in the Open Talent Economy Adoption, Netherlands Catching Up

Use of the open-talent ecosystem is therefore on a rapid growth trajectory. While the adoption is growing across Europe we see that growth is faster in some countries than others revealing some useful insights.

5 reasons why your retail store analytics projects fail

Data for the sake of data is never good enough. Read more about how to build efficient data-driven store analytics capabilities to succeed at retail.

Riverflex Expert Talks: Discussing Pricing Strategies with Johan Maessen

“Riverflex Expert Talks” is our new content series putting the spotlight on Riverflex’s digital experts to chat about their vision and experience supporting organisations. For our first publication, we had a chance to sit down with Johan, a pricing expert

How to successfully scale RPA in your organisation

If you are looking to power up and scale your RPA capability, let this be your guide. After helping organisations save over 200.000 hours/year of repetitive work, in this article our experts Mathieu Jonker and Daniel Oostdam explain how to move RPA beyond implementing the first few use cases. Learn more about the building blocks and key roles to involve to successfully automate tasks at a large scale

A day in the life of… Julien, Digital Business Analyst

What’s it like working at Riverflex? Curious to know more about our responsibilities and day to day tasks? Meet Julien, our first Digital Business Analyst.

Consulting for good – Catalina González Valdés

By helping independent consultants and digital professionals come together on pro bono projects, we are empowering actors for social good. Meet Catalina, part of our first pro bono project.

A day in the life of… Verena, Junior Digital Consultant

“A Day In The Life Of…” is the series where you get to meet the Riverflex core team. From our background and interests to our day to day activities, get a glimpse into the life of a young consultancy! Meet Verena, our Junior Digital Consultant, as well as responsible for recruitment.

Are you ready to go independent?

More and more professionals are going freelance. Should you do the same? Here are some things to consider on your new professional journey.

Disrupt or be disrupted: the case for embracing cannibalisation

If you don’t cannibalise yourself, someone else will. Find out why you should start competing against your own business.

So what is the role of marketing in digital transformation? CMOs, step up and get in the trenches

We explore the role of marketing in digital transformation, and how the marketing function should change to support a digital-era organisation.

The 8 biggest challenges you’ll face running a corporate lean startup, and how to tackle them

It’s an exciting and challenging time to be an intrapreneur. More and more incumbent organisations are responding to the rise of digital by creating spaces for rapid experimentation in great numbers. Corporate innovation does, however, come with its unique set of challenges. This article offers practical tips and insights to best tackle them.

IKEA is Transforming its Retail Experience for the Modern Consumer

In this article, retail innovation expert Victor Hoong reflects on IKEA's small store format, and how its business model is evolving to meet the changing needs of consumers in the digital age.