Humley: Enterprise AI and Natural Language Engagement

We are very proud to announce our second start-up hive collaboration: Humley! As one of the most exciting and fastest growing Enterprise Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Engagement start-ups in the UK, Humley is leading the charge in bringing conversation to enterprise brands with their Cognitive assistant. Their best of breed technology orchestration and agnostic underlying AI technology architecture leverages market leading AI technologies as well as their own. With the unique capability to scale and provide conversational customer engagement across multiple channels (Web, App, IVR, SMS, Social channels) Humley is helping to transfer customer services, HR, Support, Tax, banking applications, pharmaceutical research and more. Looking at their accomplishments so far and the maturity of their management tools, we are really excited about our work together – bringing the best and latest tech solutions to our clients. If this made you curious, check their website and try their product at