Extracting value from data

Commercialise the data you have in your organisation.

Rapidly analyse data sets and test ideas for how they can be monetised and help you scale.

What we do

By keeping it simple we help businesses extract value from their data.​

We believe that modern data approaches like “big data”, AI and machine learning can achieve great business outcomes if focused on solving the right business problems. This might be commercialising data to sell to customers or to augment existing products or services to provide: better insights to customers; better package, price, recommend or target to customers, or provide insight into the internal operations.

Our experts have seen what makes a data initiative a success and understand that new buzzwords in tech won’t solve all of the businesses problems. Yes we have deep experts in each of these areas but the basics like data modelling and data governance also need to be taken care of to succeed.

How we help our
customers to succeed

We act as catalysts and enablers for our clients to succeed with delivering value using their data.

A few of the brands we work with…

Building a big data platform to meet advertisers needs for accountability  

Learn how Clear Channel became leaders in accountability by using a big data platform to prove that digital advertising campaigns had delivered what they had committed to.

How do we approach BI

We work with two different “styles” of technology. Lots of our clients sit in one camp or the other. Some utilise both depending on the type of problem they are trying to solve. One isn’t better than the other, it just depends on the context. But in our experience, they require different approaches and skillsets. We have them both.​

The start-up stack

Heavily centered around open-source technology, which is more cutting edge, fragmented and experimental.

What are the benefits?

  • Open and flexible
  • Use the “right” tech rather than one vendor
  • Quicker access to innovation
  • Easier to find adaptable polyglot engineers

Examples of what we use

Data factory​, Databricks​, SQL DW​, Cognitive services​, Parquet​, SSAS​, Power BI/Tableau


The corporate stack

Heavily centred around proprietary technology supplied by established tech companies with mature, rationalised and proven offerings.

What are the benefits?

  • Allows use of one ecosystem (e.g. MS, Oracle)
  • Easier to integrate
  • Proven and robust

Examples of what we use

AWS Serverless, Lambda​, Kinesis​, Tensorflow​, Dynamo DB​, Athena​, Quicksight

Our hack &
sprint model

We are leading practitioners in building software at pace to rapidly validate the market or technical feasibility of the solution. And we build it right from the start using approaches like DevOps to make sure that the solution scales robustly and cost effectively. Use the Hack & Sprint approach to deliver against Proof of Concept (PoC) / Minimum Viable Product (MVP) requirements.

  • This model allows for fast innovative delivery against complex problems, installing customer and team confidence before moving forward with a bigger complex deliverable.
  • The Hackathon concept of bringing together brilliant open minds with customer stakeholders to delivery quick insight and is invaluable to the short PoC/MvP project process.
  • The combination of Hack and then structured Agile Sprint allows for fast delivery of critical elements of any PoC/MvP. The hardening Sprint process removes blind alleys and potential blockers from the Agile process.
  • Completing this cycle with a product delivery sprint allows for a polished deliverable or Demo at the end of the engagement. This installs value of money and the ability to justify further investment pivoting the approach – promoting a fail fast policy with all projects to protect customer investment.

Use the Hack & Sprint approach to deliver against business or customer requirements.

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