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Riverflexer in the Spotlight with David Stephenson

by Claudia Arena on 14 May 2018

We are very excited to introduce David Stephenson as our newest Riverflex Principle.

We are very excited to introduce David Stephenson as our newest Riverflex Principle. Having led the Global Business Analytics function for the eBay Classifieds Group for several years, David knows the ropes of building data-driven organisations. He specialises in helping companies develop their use of data and analytics, creating business value through formulation of strategy and execution of analytic initiatives, interfacing between the C-suite and technology/business departments. David has nearly 20 years’ industry experience and has been involved in analytics that has guided over $10 billion in business decisions throughout his career.

Next to fueling over 15 years of data science experience into Riverflex projects, David will serve as key data & analytics expert to our clients to help move the needle in this important space. It’s therefore safe to say that David will add tremendous value to the team.

“I’m looking forward to working with Riverflex, as it gives the opportunity to work with highly-qualified individuals to provide exceptional value to clients”


Big Data Demystified

Financial Times Publishing recently commissioned David to write a management book focused on presenting the background and practical opportunities of big data analytics to an executive audience. This book, titled Big Data Demystified, was recently released in the UK with strong recommendations (some shown below). It was selected as business book of the month at the UK’s prominent WH Smith Travel bookseller, and it is currently being translated into several additional languages.

This is the book we’ve been missing: big data explained without the complexity.” Marc Salomon, Dean at University of Amsterdam Business School

I have never come across a book that is so full of practical advice, actionable examples and helpful explanations”  Tobias Wann, CEO at @Leisure Group

As we’ve said before, we are very happy to have David in our team and looking forwards to working with him. Please feel free to reach out if you have questions or want to connect. If you are keen on seeing him in action, he will be present as program chair of the Predictive Analytics World London on 17 & 18 October 2018.


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