Do change differently

Agile transformation

We help organisations become adaptive and respond rapidly to challenges

Do change differently

Agile transformation

We help organisations become adaptive and respond rapidly to challenges

Rapid developments in technology, customer preferences, and employee expectations are transforming industries at a fast pace. But today’s organisations are often not built to cope with fast change. To survive and thrive, companies need to revolutionise how they operate. This entails creating a resilient configuration, and a culture that is focused on learning and improving to compete and win in today’s world.

An effective transition to agile empowers organisations to: increase the speed of execution at scale, better respond to customer needs, increase productivity, and engage and empower employees.

How we support your organisation's agile adoption

  • Define where the organisation struggles to move quickly, and what can be done about it. Thus establishing transformation goals.
  • Help create an agile vision, and align and educate the executive team to support and enable the change.
  • Develop a working hypothesis for structure, governance and metrics to be progressively elaborated throughout the transformation.
  • Create an agile transformation roadmap indicating which key elements need to take place, how long it will take, and which benefits are expected to be achieved from the investment.
  • Develop a rollout strategy looking into what team, capability or group goes first, second, etc. based on key principles around value streams, services, complexity, and maturity.
  • Build an agile champions team, with agile coaches, as well as a training and communication plan. Create supportive transformation artifacts - to support the culture and behaviours required for the change to take hold and snowball.
  • Drive change management initiatives, coaching and developing people whilst actually delivering tangible outcomes. Including a selection of the tooling and methods to support the desired way of working.
  • Augment the organisation with agile transformation consultants. Specialists in fields such as product owners, scrum masters, and data scientists, to supercharge your transformation and transfer knowledge to your team.

How we do things differently

Independent talent

We cherry pick the best independent professionals to match your needs, blending teams from top consulting firms and blue chip companies. Our independent professionals have strong backgrounds from Tier 1 consulting firms or top industry brands.

Tailored solutions

No cookie cutter solutions. We want to bring a lasting, positive impact to your organisation. To do so, we tailor our approach to your needs, standards and industry best practices. Co-creating real value, in a flexible fit-for-purpose model.

Lean resource model

We only focus on doing our best work for you. There is no army of consultants coming in, we have low overheads - but work and deliver still outcome based. We guarantee to get you top talent and teams to help you achieve your every digital goal.

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