A day in the life of… Claudia, Riverflex’s Marketing Manager

What’s it like working at Riverflex? Curious to know more about our responsibilities and day to day tasks? Get a glimpse into the very dynamic life of a young consultancy, from the perspective of our core team members!

Meet Claudia, our Marketing Manager and the person behind Riverflex’s external communication. From article writing to curated content and events – she does it all!

So, Claudia – when did you join Riverflex?

I’ve been part of Riverflex since October 2018, my first job right before graduating from the Corporate Communication master at the University of Amsterdam. I started as an intern, and was promoted to full time employee in January, helping on with refining the Riverflex brand.

Joining so early on in the company (Riverflex was a mere 6 months old!), has meant having the opportunity to really see it all. From our first PR effort, to thinking about customer journeys for website development, to brand building. Studying communications, I was familiar with concepts such as brand positioning, brand essence and so on – but it’s definitely quite a different thing to put them in practice and think about them from scratch in a team! At a big company, you’d rarely have the chance to do such crucial work.

Riverflex’s motto is “consulting done differently”. How do you try to do things differently in your line of work?

Great question! For me, doing things differently means not blindly relying on old methods, but trying to push myself to rethink things from time to time. That is definitely no easy feat, but the best ideas definitely come from being able to lift yourself from the flow of day to day execution. What is also quite great about this for me is that I am growing as the Riverflex brand grows. Experimenting and learning and trying out new things is beneficial to our growth.

And for the key question – how’s a typical day in your life like?

This may sound like an absolute cliche, but there is no such thing as one regular day at Riverflex! Working in a small company means having the excitement of new challenges every day. Next to that, our NL team is based in the co-working area of tech hub TQ, where we see consultants coming and going every day!

At the moment, preparations for our next consultant event in Amsterdam and for our next consultant campaign have kept me busy. These are only a few of the things that are on my mind on a daily basis, next to keeping the content calendar up to date, working on our SEO strategy or copywriting articles.

Next to the business side of things, of course, I am also happy to share my time working next to a young and fun team! When we’re not working extra hard, the Riverflex team loves to talk food, share memes on Slack, or catch up over a drink on Friday’s – there’s never a boring day!