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An online platform for the future of consulting

Riverflex has just launched an exciting new platform where independent consultants can connect with like-minded professionals and share job opportunities. On this journey towards developing the platform, we were lucky enough to work with one of our consultants, Simon Kilroy, who stepped in as the Product Owner. Simon is a Strategy and Transformation consultant who also specialises in Programme and Product Management with almost 10 years of experience working for top-tier consultancies. We recently caught up with Simon to discuss the Riverflex Platform and the learnings, challenges, and advice that have come out of this project. 

Defining the go-to-market & pricing strategy for HATCH, a fashion start up

We recently worked on a project for a fashion technology startup, HATCH, where we helped to define their go-to-market & pricing strategy for a new Digital Showroom. This project was very interesting as there hasn’t been extensive investment in wholesale digitisation. The fashion technology industry is evolving with online consumer trends influencing brands to enhance their customer experience through easy-to-use digital platforms and we wanted to help HATCH deliver on this.

Navigating the B2B advisory services ecosystem in the digital age

Service design study on (independent) consulting services with F500 companies


New digital opportunities are transforming companies at a faster pace than ever. This has led to shifts in how organisations organise their workforce, moving to more flexible models, modern …

So what is the role of marketing in digital transformation? CMO’s, step up and get in the trenches

We explore the role of marketing in digital transformation, and how the marketing function should change to support a digital-era organisation.

Six common mistakes to avoid when implementing agile at scale

Driving an agile transformation in a large corporate setting is challenging. In this article we analyse the most common mistakes organisations run into, and how to overcome them.

So you’re in charge of a digital transformation – what exactly does that mean?

Digital transformation is about making foundational changes to remain a competitive organisation in the digital age. We’ve surfaced five of the common flavours being pursued across the market but your transformation will not fall neatly into one box.