Embedding Customer Centricity In A Global Consumer Dairy Business

A global consumer dairy business recognised the critical need to adapt to changes in consumer behaviour over the past years. Digital transformation became therefore a priority on the agenda.

In 2018, the executive board attempted to re-ignite a stalled digital transformation process and drive sustainable improvement. Namely, they decided to federate digital across its operating divisions. The aim: building online sales and marketing channels, optimising and grow existing online and offline channels, and capturing operational data to improve the functions across OpCos.

Riverflex was engaged to support this change process, defining the needs to move into a customer centric organisation.

We helped the client to define key digital requirements, and how to align the organisation process to this direction.

  • Recommended a digital re-organisation and an implementation roadmap for seamless transition and effective change management;
  • Defined the key commercial-digital requirements for different stakeholders and the bottlenecks in achieving these goals;
  • Interviewed key stakeholders to understand their requirements and engage them in the digital redesign process;
  • Outlined the key digital capabilities required for the organisation redesign and the roles needed.

A customer-centric Digital Re-organisation will help the client add greater value to their customers across their journey with the brand and in turn all stakeholders across the value chain.

Snapshot of the plan so far:

  • Start with the customer: Capture the complete view of the customer’s needs across their journey, and identify the potential digital levers to meet these needs;
  • Translate to the capability gaps: Review the capabilities required to “pull” the levers, identify gaps, and potential solution options;
  • Invest in the digital capabilities, create roles within the organisation with the skills to drive the potential levers required to meet the customer’s needs.