Building Direct Consumer Relationships with Agile Marketing

A global FMCG player, our client felt the need for a change in their communicative strategy, from traditional marketing media push to building direct relationships with their consumers. However, their current organisational set-up did not support integrated online and offline marketing campaigns. As such, achieving true customer-focused communication seemed impossible.

The CMO identified the need for a shift from channel-centric operations dominated by TV, to two-way communications powered by digital marketing. To increase brand loyalty, understanding and identifying consumer intent was key. This entailed aligning messaging with  unique brand voice, and ensuring that all touchpoints clicked into another.

The ambition: 1 billion relationships with consumers globally.

New global and local capabilities were required in data & insights, media, 1:1 marketing and commerce. To this end, we were asked to transform the way marketing operates. Together, we designed a new agile approach and operating model. This entailed onboarding cross-functional teams in pilot markets to build new use-cases, and scaling talent and capabilities to make the marketing strategy a success.

In 12 weeks, we designed a complete agile marketing operating model, enabling speed and collaboration between media, eCommerce, analytics, and customer insights.

To help our client reap the benefits of agile marketing, we adopted the following steps:

  • Created digital and data strategies for brands to focus campaigns and communications around the customer journey;
  • Developed cross-functional use-cases to prove the value of agile methods in data-driven marketing, enabling scaling of success to other brands;
  • Developed a global/local operating model, ensuring the right expertise and skills at a global as well as market level;
  • Delivered a training and communications plan to upskill the organisation and embed new ways of working.

By placing data at the core of their business and adopting agility principles to build cross-functional teams, our client has completely renewed their marketing organisation.

Snapshot on impact made so far:

  • 9 pilot markets used the operating model  to guide transformation in their markets
  • 2 pilot markets have successfully set up a cross-functional media/commerce collaboration
  • 2 use-cases are successfully being scaled and implemented across markets to kick-off data-driven and agile marketing