StoreDNA: Bringing innovation in retail stores

StoreDNA is a start-up leader leveraging retail analytics techniques in computer vision and machine learning to help retailers understand shopper behavior.

StoreDNA’s decision-making platform delivers improved retail performance and store experiences. This is made possible through the design of better assortments, store layouts, clear navigation, visual merchandising, and effective deployment of sales and service staff. Over the past month, our team has collaborated with StoreDNA on a project for Samsung. The company launched their new flagship mobile device (the Galaxy S9) over multiple channels, including a pop-up store in the Netherlands.

StoreDNA has delivered cutting edge technology and insights from their previous client experience. Riverflex has taken the analysis of the platform dataset to a deeper and more specific level, further advancing the potential business impact of StoreDNA. Our partnership has helped Samsung establish clear benchmarks and expectations for store traffic, dwell time and conversion. In addition, we identified a number of potential improvements for future store concepts that will increase shopper engagement and customer experience, as well as drive brand awareness.