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Riverflexer in the spotlight with Arjen de Ruiter

by Claudia Arena on 20 Sep 2018

We are proud to present Arjen De Ruiter as our latest “Riverflexer in the spotlight”. Arjen is an accomplished digital leader.…

We are proud to present Arjen De Ruiter as our latest “Riverflexer in the spotlight”. Arjen is an accomplished digital leader and after managing several teams as head of technical platform services at, he became CTO of Coosto (social media management software) for 2,5 years. As part of the management team there, he was responsible for software engineering, infrastructure, operations, security, and architecture as well as HR and customer service. Read Arjen’s full consultant profile here.

Recently he made the leap into becoming an independent professional, and he will focus on helping clients increase software delivery performance by creating high performance development teams, modernise architecture and move into agile and DevOps ways of working.

What drives me most is helping people and then see that they get better and that they are happy with that. That can be a management team that needs help in strategic direction. It can be teams who need support to get things done. It can be about helping someone develop herself. This is why for me it is great to use my experience to help others.

Arjen is a great contribution to the Riverflex community, with his deep technical expertise but also management and IT strategy insights into what makes a business thrive in an increasingly technology centered world.

I joined Riverflex because they have a great team of experts where I can learn from and they have opportunities at companies where I can make a difference

We are excited to have Arjen on-board at Riverflex, and look forward to working together to help clients achieve their technical business objectives.

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